Pink Himalayan salt is often said to be the most beneficial as well as the cleanest salt available on this planet today. It has all kinds of nutritional and therapeutic properties, not to mention culinary uses. You can use it as a healthier option to processed salt. Historically, the people of the Himalayas have used this versatile salt to preserve meat and fish.

Blending this perfectly grinded Himalayan Salt with greek oregano, thyme and rosemary, you have the perfect spice mix for your kitchen. Mediterrenean flavours that will definetely blow your mind!

You can use it in pasta dishes or roasted potatoes!

Trasparent pouch of 380gr / Ask us for bigger packaging options HO.RE.CA

Himalayan Salt Benefits: Improves respiratory problems, balances body’s ph, offer natural digestive aid !

Additional health benefits of Himalayan salt may include: 

  • Regulation of the water levels within the body for proper overall functioning
  • Helping reduce common signs of aging
  • Encouraging healthy blood sugar levels
  • Promoting cellular energy creation
  • Reducing cramping (like leg cramps)
  • Improving the absorption of nutrients from foods
  • Aiding vascular health
  • Lowering the incidence of sinus problems and promoting overall sinus health
  • Providing circulatory support
  • Improving bone strength
  • Fostering a healthy libido
  • Promoting kidney and gallbladder health in comparison to chemically treated table salt