Vevi is a modern, unique unit of its kind in Greece, certified by ISO 22000, BIO aCert which cultivates, manufactures and produces agricultural products such as Aromatic plants, Essential Oils, Anthonero, Drinks Production etc.


Its products are located in many stores of the International Market.


The raw materials used by the company are strictly Greek, cultivated by approximately 650 trained farmers with integrated management standards in selected areas in Central and Northern Greece. Farmers and producers are supported by continuous training, with the help of agricultural, chemical and modern laboratories.


The mechanical equipment of the company is one of the most modern in the European area, with organized chemistry and quality control.


Organized future research on the cultivation, production and processing of aromatic and medicinal plants and products based thereon (dyes, beverages, beverages, food supplements, beverages, essential oils, extracts, cosmetics, etc.) used for physical health and Well-being.


The products that Vevi offers for the Greek and International Market vary in 6 different packages and weights: Oregano, Mountain Tea, Sage, Louisa, Thyme, Dyosmos, Rosemary, Vassilikos, Chamomile, Tilio.
Thank you for your interest in our Company.